The Big Hitter

37 Items

You’ve got your eye on feeding the masses, but you’re not interested in giving up your favourites. Get enough for everyone – including yourself.

Arnott’s Scotch Finger – 250g
Tim Tam x2 – 200g
Arnott’s Mint Slice 200g – 200g
Twisties Cheese x2 – 90g
Burger Rings x2 – 90g
Twisties Chicken x2 – 90g
Freddo Variety Pack – 18 pack
Chomp – 30g
Crunchie – 50g
Arnott’s Wagon Wheels 190g – 190g
Minties – 150g
Vegemite – 150g
Allen’s Chicos Chocolate Lollies – 190g
Cherry Ripe – 52g
Allens Fantales – 340g
BBQ Shapes x2 – 175g
Pizza Shapes x2 – 175g
Smiths Original x2 – 45g
Smiths Salt & Vinegar x2 – 45g
Smiths Chicken x2 – 60g
Cheezels – 125g
Cadbury Dairy Milk – 180g
Cadbury Fruit & Nut – 180g
Cadbury Marvellous Creations – 190g
Natural Confectionery Party Mix – 240g
Caramello Koala – 18 pack
Milo – 460g
Aeroplane Jelly Raspberry – 85g

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