Csr Brown Sugar Coffee Crystals


CSR Coffee Crystals adds a golden honey full-bodied flavour and with extra large crystals, makes the pleasure of sharing intimate coffee moments even better.

CSR Coffee Sugar Crystals.

As the name suggests, this sugar is the perfect sweetener for coffee. A thin layer of syrup coated on the crystal provides a unique flavour. CSR Coffee Sugar Crystals impart a delicous yet subtle sweetness to coffee, dissolving slowly, allowing the full flavour and sweetness of great coffee to last longer. Its large crystals also make a delicious crunchy topping for desserts and ice-cream.

Enjoy the trusted taste of CSR.

CSR has been carefully refining the wholesome sweet juice of natural sugar cane from sunny Queensland since 1855, and is still Australia’s Favourite. CSR has a versatile range for all your needs:

CSR Everyday:

– White and Raw Sugar are your reliable everyday sugars.

CSR Baking and Syrups:

– Brown, Dark Brown, Caster, Raw Caster, Pure Icing, Soft Icing and Rich Chocolate Icing are your trusted baking necessities.

– Golden Syrup Squeeze, Golden Syrup and Treacle are versatile in baking, as toppings or for flavouring sauces and marinades.

CSR Specialty:

– Coffee Sugar Crystals and Demerara Sugar enhance coffee flavour for a premium taste.

– CSR LoGiCane Low GI Sugar is a great tasting cane sugar that provides longer lasting energy.

Cane Sugar
NameAverage per servingAverage per 100g
Fat, total0g0g
– saturated0g0g
– sugars4g99.6g
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