Aussie life on the sunny side

We think the world could do with a bit more joy these days.

So we started Dinkum, to give you a slice of Aussie life wherever you are in the world.

Delightful treats straight from Australia to your door.

From Tim Tams to Vegemite, we’re serving up your favourite Australian products with a wink of an eye and a cheeky dose of Aussie attitude for good measure.

Whether you’re an expat longing for home, or simply curious to discover Australia from afar—sit back, mate. We’ll sort you out.

Helping our mates at Movember.

We get that life isn’t always happy days and blue skies (yes, 2020…we’re looking at you).

That’s why we’re donating $1 from every sale to the good people at Movember to help drive more meaningful conversations about mental health that can help save lives—while also encouraging our mates to do the same.

More lemonade. Less lemons.

Our founders, Scott and Ben, created Dinkum at the height of the 2020 pandemic in New York. Like many Aussie expats, they couldn’t return to Australia but wanted a taste of home to brighten up a crap situation.

When they asked around, they heard the same – everyone was in need of more cheer.

So they started Dinkum: to share that bright and sunny Aussie way of life.

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